Community Council Meeting

 Monday, September 11th @ 3 PM

Adams Faculty Lounge




·               Introductions

·               Develop norms

·               Drop off and pick up at school

·               SNAP Plan

·               School-wide PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention System) 

·               Show testing results

·               Nominate and assign roles



September 15th – Bike Rodeo

September 19th- Picture Day

September 21st- ½ day of school (released at 11:55) *no Kindergarten*

September 22nd- No school

October 4th- National Walk to School Day

October 6th- No School

October 9th- Community Council @ 3PM Faculty Lounge

October 16th- Parent Teacher Conference (evening)

October 17th- ½ day of school – Parent Teacher Conference

October 18th-20th- Fall Break NO SCHOOL


Community Council - September 11, 2017



Introductions-those in attendance:  Mike Hale, Tiffany Wiberg, Angie Wiser, Launa Godfrey, Megan Norton, Sundee Ware



Begin and end on time.

            Be considerate with electronics.

            Support the majority decision.

            Stay on task.

            Focus is student-centered.


Nominate and assign roles:

                        Time-keeper - Megan Norton

            Principal - Sundee Ware

            Chair - Tiffany Wiberg

Co-Chair - Launa Godfrey

            Food Supplier - Sundee (optional)

            Members - Mike Hale

            Note-Taker - Launa Godfrey


School-Wide PBIS:  OWLS: Owls Work Learn Succeed

  • Each behavior was specificaly taught in how they looked and sounded at the beginning of the year.


Testing Results:  Adams made a typical growth score above 40% in LA, Math and Science in 2016-17.  This info wil be published in the Herald Journal on 9/12/17.


Drop-Off and Pick-Up:

  • As of Monday, 9/11/17 cars are lining up more appropriately.  The city is scheduled to post signs and paint curbs to make free up space for parents to pull next to the curb to pick up or drop off students.
  • 2 Ameri-Corp employees will, as of Wednesday the 9/13, help with hallway control and external control (outside the school) before and after school.
  • 3 designated pick up spots will be determined.  After students exit their grade doors, they would join their siblings and go to one of the designated spots decided by the family.
  • Ideas:  remove the cement post on the north-east access on the north side of the school so that a driveway is created for pick up.
  • - Safe school, drop off-pick up information


SNAP plan: cross-walks and stop signs verification

Great American Award:  5th grade, bulletin board with requirements

Next Meeting:  October 9th

Assignments:  Tiffany - HW research, Launa/Sundee/Mike - walk outside to look at curb-sides for more ideas on city could help in painting and signage, Megan - protoype on model car from (Lead Car)