Community Council Agenda
March 11, 2019 @ 2:45 pm
Adams Leveled Library


  • Trees at Adams
    • Rex Davis
  • Review Reunification Plan (School Evacuation)
  • Review 2019-2020 School Imporvement Plan 3/13/2019 Staff will be reviewing SIP COmmunity COuncil will need to come sign final SIP by 3/20/2019
  • Fun Run April 25th
    • Need Volunteers
  • Review Parent/Teacher Conference
    • Parents will fill out 2019-2020 Enrollement Information Sheet
  • Stake Holder Input for Parents during SEP Conference
    • Community Council Volunteers
  • Volunteer of the Year- dealine March 25th

Important Dates

  • March 13th- 5th Grade Super Hero Bolt Competition
  • March 14th- Super Hero Colt Competition at South Cache
  • March 15th- ½ Day of school - Teacher Work Day
  • March 18th- Parent Teacher Conference
  • March 20th- SIP approval from Community COuncil is due
  • March 21st- 5th Grade Ski Trip
  • March 22nd- No School
  • March 25th- Deadline for Volunteer of the Year
  • March 29th- AR Rewards Movie at the Utah 11:30-2:30
  • March 29th- SIP Revision deadline
  • April 1st-5th- Spring Break
  • April 8th- Community Council @ 2:45 in Leveled Library
  • April 9th- SIP Ratification
  • May 13th- Community Council @ 2:45 in Leveled Library