Community Council Meeting

Monday, February 12th @ 3 PM
Adams Faculty Lounge

Meeting Norms:
  • Begin and end on time.
  • Be considerate with electronics.
  • Support the majority decision.
  • Stay on task.
  • Focus is student-centered.


  • Science Fair
    • Rhiannon
  • MOY data results SIP
  • 2018-2019 SIP
  • Neighborhood Council
  • For your background, Mayor Daines sees this as a two-way opportunity to interact: NC members can bring concerns to us as a city, and we can bring issues to them for help and feedback. She plans for these groups to be neighborhood-driven, based on what is important to that particular area. At the first meeting, the group will determine a Chairperson, who will help set the agenda and future meeting schedule. Some possible considerations for this group will be:

    • Addressing neighborhood issues like over-occupancy, property maintenance, streets and sidewalks, etc.
    • Providing feedback to the city on a variety of issues
    • Perhaps initiating neighborhood improvement projects with city support
    • Other items of interest to the group
  • Update on stop signs around school
  • Drop off / Pick up
  • Progress Report
  • School Plan for 2018-2019
  • Teacher of the Year nominations
    • Rubric
  • Caroline St-Onge (Community member)
    • Vision Screening
IMPORTANT DATES March 12th- Community Council Meeting @ 3
*vote on School Improvement Plan for 18-19*
April 9th- Community Council Meeting @ 3
*vote on Volunteer of the Year*
May 14th- Community Council Meeting @ 3


Community Council
February 12, 2018
Start Time: 3:05
Attending: Gin Manning, Rhiannon Peatross, Angie Wiser, Sundee Ware, Liz Carr, Launa Godfrey, Tiffany Wiberg

Community Council Members Attending: Angie Wiser, Launa Godfrey, Tiffany Wiberg, Sundee Ware


Science Fair Report:

Rhiannon - 185 projects submitted, activities in Media Center run by USU Physics & Geology Clubs and Dept. Head for Project Stitch.
5th grade student, Van - submitted a project through ASC; her project title: Light Up Card, won 1st place in 5th grade
ASC students- the students decided their project, developed a hypothesis, conducted their experiment with supplies purchased through ASC workers and Gin Manning.
Each grade had a first place winner and an honorable mention.

Suggestions for next year:
Judging should be done prior to the night of the fair.
ASC should be involved again in the Science Fair night next year.
Start on projects earlier next year.
Storage of projects was a difficult issue.

Stop Signs:

Parent, Liz Carr, is campaigning for more stop signs near Adams. There is a meeting with the Logan Street Committee on Tuesday @ 8:00 am. Discussion at the meeting will be about stop signs, and establishing signs for loading/unloading kids.

MOY Data Results/Progress Report:

Dibels growth: 86% of whole school made typical growth
STAR growth: 76% of whole school made typical growth

Needs Assessments Survey:

Community Council members will complete the survey and turn in for a narrowing of the issues PTA could address.

Nominations for Teacher of the Year:

each CC member, except Sundee, completed a rubric to score nominations for Teacher of the Year

Vision Screening:

Carolyn St-Onge, parent at Hillcrest, OT working with vision processing deficiencies

Carolyn is promoting a change in the way a vision screening is administered. Carolyn will meet with the school nurse regarding this kit. Sundee will email the school nurse and principals with information.

Angie will pass on visual symptoms survey to Cherie Musacchia to put on the I-drive for interventions.

February 27th:

this is the date for the District presentation to Teacher of the Year

Neighborhood Council:

Mayor Daines would like Neighborhood Councils formed. It was proposed that a CC member be the attendee at a Neighborhood Council meeting. Further action on this is needed.

2018-2019 SIP:

Language Arts and Math teams from a pool of Adams teachers will be formed to design the school improvement plan and present to Community Council.

End Time: 4:25